A Woman Walks Through a Minefield in a Blast-Proof Suit

A Woman Walks Through a Minefield in a Blast-Proof Suit

Russia recently tested a full-body Blast-Proof Suit that supposedly protects you from explosions. And they posted a crazy video where a woman uses it to walk through a MINEFIELD. It looks like the explosions didn’t shoot shrapnel like real landmines do. So...

A Plane Crash Landed In a Tree and Caught Fire

A single-engine plane lost altitude right after takeoff, and crashed into a tree in Foley, Alabama on Tuesday, about 30 miles southeast of Mobile. Then it burst into flames, but the pilot survived. And a security camera on a business next door got it on video. It... read more

Former WWE Superstar Chyna Has Died

Former WWE superstar CHYNA was found dead yesterday at a home in the Los Angeles area. Police are investigating it as a possible overdose. She was only 45 years old. Her real name was Joanie Laurer. Chyna was a HUGE part of the WWE’s “Attitude Era”... read more

It’s Official: Axl Rose Is AC/DC’s New Singer

AC/DC made it official . . . AXL ROSE is their new singer.   He’s replacing BRIAN JOHNSON, who split with the band after his doctors said he was at risk of permanently losing his hearing. Brian had been with AC/DC since 1980.  In a statement they thanked him for... read more
Nights with Mary Ann
  • Epic [radio Edit]

    Faith No MoreThis song played at 08:59
  • Breathinglightning

    AnthraxThis song played at 08:55

  • Come As You Are

    NirvanaThis song played at 08:49
  • Emotionless

    Red Sun RisingThis song played at 08:45

  • I Remember You

    Skid RowThis song played at 08:40
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