Don’t Try this at home, Guy hangs on to Flying Chopper

There was a public funeral in Kenya last Friday, for an activist who was killed earlier this month. And for some reason a helicopter took his body away instead of a hearse. But when it took off, a random guy in the crowd hung on to the landing gear. Then the pilot got... read more

A Crazy Road Rage Brawl in Houston

Two drivers got into a brawl in the middle of the road in Houston on Saturday, and the video is going viral. One of them was in a truck, and supposedly it started when he wouldn’t let the other car merge. There’s a woman with the guy in the truck, and you... read more
  • Lightning In The Sky

    Devour The DayThis song played at 12:44
  • Remember Every Scar

    Escape The FateThis song played at 12:36
  • Stronger

    Through The FireThis song played at 12:32
  • Gamblin Man

    Smashing SatellitesThis song played at 12:24
  • Ashes Of Eden

    Breaking BenjaminThis song played at 12:19
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