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Lightning vs Car

Lightning vs Car

You’re safe from a lightning strike as long as you’re in your car. But there’s a video on YouTube that isn’t very reassuring. It’s an SUV driving slowly through an intersection, and taking a direct hit from a HUGE bolt of lightning, which...

Chester Bennington Has Left Stone Temple Pilots

SCOTT WEILAND was right . . . CHESTER BENNINGTON is no longer the singer of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS. He’s leaving to concentrate on his other band, LINKIN PARK. Chester issued a statement saying, quote, “The last few years have been an amazing experience . . .... read more
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Michelob Ultra
  • Live That Lie

    RubikonThis song played at 04:04
  • Cirice

    GhostThis song played at 04:00
  • Until The World

    TriviumThis song played at 03:56
  • Vice Grip

    Parkway DriveThis song played at 03:52

  • Right To Rise

    WilsonThis song played at 03:48
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