Def Leppard have released online stream of their new single “Let’s Go”. It was revealed via a new lyric video that showcases the song, which is the lead the track from the group’s forthcoming studio album.
The new self-titled album is set to be released on November 27th. The new album will also be released nearly a month early on October 30th via a Classic Rock fanpack that will feature the album, an exclusive bonus track, 116-magazine and more.

Guitarist Phil Collen talked to Classic Rock about the new song. “When we started recording, the guitars were a little lightweight,” he said. “We decided they needed to be way more aggressive and nasty. So that was the second coat of paint, if you like – we replaced some of the stuff we’d done earlier and just made it way more violent and aggressive.

“And then we did that on the vocals. We went overboard. We thought ‘we’re gonna do what Queen do’; we always said the blueprint was going to be Queen and AC/DC, a cross between the two. I did the riffs pretty much how I did Pour Some Sugar On Me. It had a danger of sounding a bit boyband-y, which is why we brought that edge back.”

Def Leppard Launch Let's Go Video

Def Leppard Launch Let’s Go Video


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